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For most ordinary stitchings the original all-purpose foot can be used. However,

it is recommended to use following special foot in your accessory box whenever

you want better stitching result.

Straight Stitch Foot

This has only a narrow hole to ac­
comodate only straight stitching. It may
be used on sheer or soft fabrics for more
control. When using this foot, the Stitch
Width should be "0" to avoid hitting the

foot and breaking the needle.

Buttonhole Foot

This foot has a groove underneath, to

allow the narrow satin stitch or button-

^Jiole to form evenly. However, if

skip-stitch occurs with this foot,
apply the underlay of a thin paper below
the fabric.

Cording or Zipper Foot, and Button Foot

Use for sewing very close to the edge of a
cord or zipper, and sewing on buttons


^TE jj


....... -t.

’■ •

V-■■■ -n-­



rt ',

■ J

■ ■■■■ ■■■ ■;

:■ :V;v

■ '■



Use the large screwdriver to loosen thumb
screw. Turn the screw backward until the
foot becomes loose. Then, lift up on
presser foot lever until it is in its highest
position in order to remove the foot.

Replace with desired foot and tighten

thumb screw securely.

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