Built-in buttonhole [models 415 & 426 – SINGER W426 User Manual

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[MODELS 415 & 426]

This buttonhole eliminates the need for pivoting

the fabric. It is used most often on light and
medium woven fabrics.

1. Set the stitch width control for the red square

marked (1) buttonhole position. Lower needle
into the mark at the top left end of buttorv
hole Lower jarosser foot and sew on the left
edge of buttonhole until you reach the bottom

end of buttonhole.

2 Stitch width control to the (2-4) position

take a few stitch to bartack the bottom end

of buttonhole.

3. With the needle up, turn the stitch width

control to the (3) position. Sew on the right

edge of buttonhole.At this position the ma­

chine is feeding in reverse.- ' •

4. With the needle out of the cloth, turn again to

the (2-4) position and complete the button­
hole by barracking on the top edge



To lock the stitches, make sure the needle is
out of the fabric and set width at 0 and feed
dog height down. Then take a few stitches.

6. To prevent cutting through the bartack insert

a straight pin through the bartack. Cut

buttonhole open.

Pattern: M or manual

Length: Buttonhole

Width: 1-2-3-4

Feed Dog: High-Down
Pressure: Full
Foot: Buttonhole Foot

Stretch Stitch: M


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