Attachment foot, Edgestitcher – SINGER W426 User Manual

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In order to attach binder, edgestitcher and the

hemmers, it is necessary to remove the presser
foot and replace it with the attachment foot.
Mount binder, edgestitcher or hemmers by
sliding the attachment to the left as far as
possible and tightening the screw.
The mounting slot enables you to sew as close to

or as far away from the edge as desired. Just
move the attachment to the correct position
before tightening the mounting screw.


The edgestitcher is used in making dainty lace
insertions, edgings and piping.
The slots in the edgestitcher serve as guides in
sewing together various pieces of material. If you

want to sew lace, lace and embroidery, or lace
and tucked strips together, place the piece of
material that will be on top in slot 1 and the

lower fabric in slot 4. For instance, if you are

sewing lace edging to a finished edge of fabric,
place the fabric in slot 1 and the lace in slot 4.

Be fSUrje'to draw the lace and material under the

needle and back of the edgestitcher so that the

feed will carry it backward as you stitch. Hold
the fabric in the left hand and the lace in the

right, being sure the fabric overlaps the lace


Rick-rack-stretch can be sewn to the edge of the

material in the same manner.

To trim with wide piping place the fabric in slot
4, and the fold of the piping to the left in solt 3,
for a narrow piping place fabric in slot 2 and the
folded edge of the piping to the right in slot 3.
Slot 5 may be used as a guide in stitching a

French seam.


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