Preparing to sew, Guiding fabric, Turning corners – SINGER W426 User Manual

Page 22: Preparing to sew guiding fabric

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Have take-up lever at highest position before starting to sew. Pinning may be used

as a time saver instead of hand basting. It is possible to sew over pins when placed at
right angles to the edge of fabric with the pin head at the raw edge, but for best
results it is recommended that the pins be removed as you approach the presser foot.
Sewing over pins can result in damaged needles.

Place material and threads under presser foot and lower the presser foot. Lovyer the
needle by turning hand wheel by hand to check if the needle will pierce the stitching
line you want to sew. You are now ready to begin sewing. Press the speed control.

The speed of the machine running is regulated by increasing or decreasing the amount

of pressure exerted on the control. Never run machine without material under
presser foot.


Except blind stitching and pine-leaf stretch hem stitching, also, buttonhole-stitching

by buttonholer of models 415 and 426, straight stitch seam and the left line of zigzag

stitch column is run over the left end etched scale on needle plate. The scale is etched
with every 1/8 inch distance. Let the edgf,of fabric follow the line selected for the

seam, and let your eyes follow the efched line you selected for the seam, not the

needie, during seyving. To help youT guiding fabric, place cloth guide attachment
securing it by the extra thumb screw onto machine bedplate. Cloth guide and extra
thumb screw are included in your accessary box.
Do not try to help the feeding by pulling the material as this may deflect the needle

and cause it to break.

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To pivot at a corner, leave the needle in the fabric while its upward stroke. Lift the

presser foot, turn the fabric, then lower the presser foot and continue sewing.

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