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This control controls the swing of the

needle from left to right for various width
of stitches. At 0, the straight stitch line
results in ordinary sewing. Also, the
special stitch patterns as per those shown

in the stitch pattern window of Model

426 are made with this control at 0.

With the control at any other point than
"0", ordinary straight stitches varies to
zigzag stitches. Also, every special pattern
stitch varies in complex pattern with^
stitch width variation, on Model 426.

At 1, the needle takes a narrow sewing

resulting in a narrow column of stitching

in ordinary sewing. At 4, the needle takes
a large swing resulting in a wide column
of stitches no matter which pattern is



When the Stitch width control is set at

one particular width (such as 4), the
stitch length control will now control how
close those stitches come together. At

length 0, the fabric does not move,
resulting in a bar of stitches formed one
on top of the other, as is used in button
sewing. At red bar mark or near 0, the

feed pulls the fabric through slowly,

resulting in a dense column of stitches
called a satin stitch. At length 5, a very

long open zigzag results.

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