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Selection between ordinary stitching and triple automatic back-and-
forth stitching called stretch stitch is made by the stretch stitch lever.

With the lever up at M position, ordinary sewing is performed. With
the lever down at S position, your machine performs automatically
the stretch stitch with the repetition of two forward and one
backward stitch combination.
A reinforced seam of stretch stitch that will stretch considerably
more than the fabric the most wanted feature in a sewing
machine today.

Its uses are almost unlimited and the more you use your machine the

more it will become apparent to you.

When stretch stitching, the stitch length control should be always set

at 5.


In addition to ordinary straight and zigzag stitches, six special utility pattern stitches

of forward sewing, also, with stretch stitch lever at S position, six those complex
special stretch pattern stitches of triple back-and-forth stitching can be selected by
stitch pattern selector.
The stitch pattern you choose is shown by the indicator in stitch pattern window

above the pattern selector;


To turn the stitch pattern selector to,cha«ge the stitch pattern of your selection;

1. Raise the needle bar to its highest position by turning hand wheel toward you.

2. Pushing the selector release lever to the right by your right hand, turn the pattern

selector to the right for stitch patterns shown right from the original stitch pattern

in stitch pattern window and to the left for stitch patterns shown left.

3. Release your right hand from selector release lever to return it to original stitch

pattern selector lock position.

For ordinary zigzag and straight sewing, set the indicator at the left end "Manual"

position, with stretch stitch lever at M.

The stitch patterns shown upper side in the row of "Elastic Stitches" in stitch
pattern window are available with stretch stitch lever at M, and those shown lower
row marked "Stretch Stitches" are available with stretch stitch lever at S. For those
special pattern stitchings other than ordinary zigzag and Rick-Rack stretch (triple

back-and-forth zigzag) stitching, stitch width control should be at 0.



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