Golden Blount Infrared Elite User Manual

Page 11

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install the gas line. A shut-off valve should be installed at the

grill. This valve must be C.S.A. Design Certified.

The grill and shut-off valve must be disconnected from the

gas supply piping system during any pressure testing of the

system at test pressures in excess ½ PSIG (3.5 KPa).

Gas Leak Test:

WARNING: Do not use open flame to perform leak test!

WARNING: Do not attempt to use grill when you smell gas or

fail a gas leak test.

When gas leak test is performed, no open flame can be

present near grill. Test for leaks every time gas connection is


1. Turn all controls off.

2. Open gas supply valve. Apply soapy water solution to

all connections including factory connections.

3. If any bubbles can be seen, close valve and tighten the

connection where bubbles appeared. Then repeat

steps 1 and 2: Do not over-tighten connections.

4. Grill can now be operated.