Golden Blount Infrared Elite User Manual

Page 16

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Maintenance and Cleaning

Caution: Always allow the grill to cool before cleaning. Avoid

exposing burner surface to water.

Proper maintenance and cleaning will extend the life of your

grill. Regular cleaning will reduce accumulations of debris,

grease and fats. Infrared burners incinerate most drippings

and food particles, but occasionally some particles may

remain. For removal of these particles turn both burners on

high with the hood down for 5-10 minutes.


Drip Pan:

Remove drip pan from grill and clean with soap and water.

If pan is lined with foil, remove and replace foil and reinstall


Cooking Grids:

Cooking grids can be cleaned with a grill cleaning brush,

while grids are still hot after each use.

Stainless Steel Exterior Housing:

Your “Infrared Elite” is made with the highest quality 304

stainless steel available. Stainless steel requires very little

maintenance, however a good grade of stainless steel cleaner

should be used for exterior cleaning.

Powder Coated Surfaces:

Powder coated surfaces can be cleaned with warm soapy

water and rinsed with clean water.


An occasional inspection of venturi inlets and orifice

openings is recommended.

Infrared burner maintenance can be maintained by operating

the grill on high for 5-10 minutes after each use. Any excess

accumulation of debris on burner surface can be removed

easily. Remove cooking grids and burner screens and vacuum

burner surface every few months or as needed.