Golden Blount Infrared Elite User Manual

Page 9

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LP Gas Cylinder Safety:

NOTE: An LP gas cylinder is not provided with this grill.

Only D.O.T. approved 20-lb or CAN/CGA-B339 approved

(cylinders, spheres and tubers for the transportation of

dangerous goods) LP gas cylinders should be used.

All approved cylinders must have an integral collar designed

to protect the cylinder valve from damage. Do not use or try

to repair a damaged LP gas cylinder at any time. Contact

your local LP gas supplier for replacement.


Do not fill your gas cylinder beyond ¾ full.


Gas cylinders come with a pressure relief valve. If a

cylinder is subjected to excess heat, the

relief valve will open and let highly flammable gas vapor

and/or liquid escape. Do not store gas cylinders near an

open flame or source of heat. Store cylinders only in well

ventilated areas.

Installing your LP gas cylinder:

NOTE: For your safety, only use the regulator and hose

assembly provided as original equipment with your grill.

NOTE: A fire extinguisher for Class A, B, C & D fires should be

readily available at all times.

Gas cylinder should be set upright so cylinder valve is at the

top. This will ensure proper valve withdrawal.

Connecting the cylinder:

1. Turn handwheel on cylinder valve clockwise all the way

to close.

2. Turn burner valves to off position.

3. Place the LP cylinder base into the hole in pedestal/cart

floor and remove protective cap on tank valve.

See figure 4.