Golden Blount Infrared Elite User Manual

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Rotisserie (TXS-ROT)

With the “Infrared Elite” Rotisserie you can add a new

dimension to your grill. Whole chickens, beef, and pork are

wonderful when cooked on rotisserie.

Installing the Rotisserie

1. Attach the Rotisserie bracket to grill by pushing bracket

between top bezel and side hood upright using

(2) 10 x ½” screws provided. NOTE: You may need to

loosen (2) screws that attach hood up right to

bezel first to allow space to insert brackets then


2. Position the Rotisserie motor on the rotisserie

bracket and plug into grounded outlet.

Using your Rotisserie

Caution: Do Not Use rotisserie in the rain.

1. Remove cooking grids

2. Follow burner lighting instructions & Preheat

for 5-10 minutes.

3. Position the spit-rod in the center of the meat, and

tighten forks into ends of the meat. Make sure the

meat is evenly balanced on the rod.

Note: counter-weight may be used to balance irregular

shaped meat. Turn rotisserie motor on.

4. Meat can be cooked at any heat setting. “Low” heat is

desirable for most meat and will produce juicer, more

tender results.

5. When finished, be sure to turn both burners off, and turn

off the motor.

Other cooking accessories available for your “Infrared Elite”

include a woodchip smoker, steamer, bar-b-que tray, and

griddle, and can be purchased from your “Infrared Elite”