Golden Blount Infrared Elite User Manual

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Important: Do not place food over a burner that is not

operating. Grease and drippings will clog the burner ports

if the burner is not on.

Grilling over infrared burners is a process that seals juices in

foods. This is accomplished by searing the meat for a short

period of time and not letting the juices escape.

The infrared heat generated by the “Infrared Elite” allows

the meat to be evenly cooked throughout. The intense

temperature of the burner surface will vaporize drippings and

produce a flavorful smoke absorbed by your food.

Caution: The “Infrared Elite” grill can be operated at the high setting

with the hood closed during normal cooking duration, but when cooking

is completed grill must be turned off.

Cooking with the “Infrared Elite”

1. Be sure the drip pan is in place and pushed all the way

to the back of the grill. Note: Drip pan can be lined

with aluminum foil for ease of cleaning, but be sure not to

block front ventilation space above pan with foil.

2. Light the burners using the instructions given.

3. Preheat the grill after lighting with burner control knob

turned to “high” position for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Place the food on the grill and cook 2-3 minutes for

initial sear.

5. Turn the food and repeat step 4.

6. Set burner control knob to desired cooking level and

continue cooking until the meat is cooked to your

satisfaction turning as necessary.

7. Turn all knobs to “OFF” and shut off gas supply when you

are finished cooking.

8. Clean the cooking grids and drip pan after each use.