Fronius Selectiva User Manual

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Safety measures
in normal opera-

EMC Device Clas-

EMC measures

Data protection


Chargers with a ground conductor must only be operated on a mains supply
with a ground conductor and a socket with a ground conductor contact. If the
charger is operated on a mains supply without a ground conductor or in a
socket without a ground conductor contact, this will be deemed gross negli-
gence. The manufacturer shall not be held liable for any damage arising
from such usage.


Only operate the charger in accordance with the degree of protection shown
on the rating plate.


Never operate the charger if there is any evidence of damage.


Arrange for the mains cable to be checked regularly by a qualified electrician
to ensure the ground conductor is functioning properly.


Any safety devices and parts that are not functioning properly or are in im-
perfect condition must be repaired by a qualified technician before switching
on the charger.


Never bypass or disable protection devices.


After installation, an accessible mains plug is required.

Devices in emission class A:

Are only designed for use in industrial settings


Can cause line-bound and radiated interference in other areas

Devices in emission class B:

Satisfy the emissions criteria for residential and industrial areas.
This is also true for residential areas in which the energy is sup-
plied from the public low-voltage mains.

EMC device classification as per the rating plate or technical data.

In certain cases, even though a device complies with the standard limit values
for emissions, it may affect the application area for which it was designed (e.g.
when there is sensitive equipment at the same location, or if the site where the
device is installed is close to either radio or television receivers).
If this is the case, then the operating company is obliged to take appropriate
action to rectify the situation.

The user is responsible for the safekeeping of any changes made to the fac-
tory settings. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any deleted personal