Fronius Selectiva User Manual

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Maintenance and

Warranty and lia-

Safety inspection

Safety symbols

Under normal operating conditions, the device requires only a minimum of
care and maintenance. However, it is vital to observe some important points
to ensure it remains in a usable condition for many years.

Before switching on, always check the mains plug and cable as well as
charger leads and charging terminals for any signs of damage.


If the surface of the device housing is dirty, clean with a soft cloth and sol-
vent-free cleaning agent only

Maintenance and repair work must only be carried out by authorised person-
nel. Use only original replacement and wearing parts (also applies to standard
parts). It is impossible to guarantee that bought-in parts are designed and
manufactured to meet the demands made on them, or that they satisfy safety
Do not carry out any modifications, alterations, etc. to the device without the
manufacturer's consent.

The warranty period for the charger is 2 years from the date of invoice.
However, the manufacturer will not accept any liability if the damage was
caused by one or more of the following:

Use of the charger "not in accordance with the intended purpose"


Improper installation and operation


Operating the charger with faulty protection devices


Non-compliance with the operating instructions


Unauthorised modifications to the charger


Catastrophes caused by the activities of third parties and force majeure

The manufacturer recommends that a safety inspection of the device is per-
formed at least once every 12 months.
A safety inspection should be carried out by a qualified electrician

after any changes are made


after any additional parts are installed, or after any conversions


after repair, care and maintenance has been carried out


at least every twelve months.

For safety inspections, follow the appropriate national and international stand-
ards and directives.
Further details on safety inspections can be obtained from your service centre.
They will provide you on request with any documents you may require.

Devices with the CE mark satisfy the essential requirements of the low-voltage
and electromagnetic compatibility directives.

Devices displaying this TÜV test mark satisfy the requirements of the relevant
standards in Canada and USA.