Before commissioning – Fronius Selectiva User Manual

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Before commissioning


Proper use

The charger is only suitable for charging batteries as detailed in the accompanying char-
acteristic data sheet. Any use above and beyond this purpose is deemed improper. The
manufacturer shall not be held liable for any damage arising from such usage. Proper use
also includes

complying with all the operating instructions


regular checking of the mains and charger leads

Mains connection

The rating plate, which is located on the housing, contains information about the permitted
mains voltage. The device is designed for this mains voltage only. The required fuse pro-
tection for the mains lead can be found in the accompanying characteristic data sheet. If
there is no mains cable or mains plug on your version of the appliance, fit one that con-
forms to national standards.

Safety strategy -
standard protec-
tion devices

The new chargers are not just characterised by purely functional features. In terms of safe-
ty, the active inverters are also equipped to the highest standards.
The following safety features come as standard:

Voltage-free and spark-free terminals protect against explosions


Reverse polarity protection prevents the battery or charger from being damaged or de-


Short-circuit protection provides effective protection for the charger The fuse does not
need to be replaced in the event of a short circuit


A charging time monitor provides effective protection against overcharging and de-
struction of the battery


Due to the high degree of protection, there is a lower rate of contamination in adverse
conditions. This adds to the charger's reliability


Overtemperature protection through derating (charging current reduced if the temper-
ature rises above the permitted level)

WARNING! Incorrect operation may result in serious injury or damage. Do not
use the functions described here until you have thoroughly read and understood
the following documents:

Operating instructions


All the operating instructions for the system components, especially the safe-
ty rules


Battery and vehicle manufacturers' operating instructions and safety rules

WARNING! Charging dry batteries (primary cells) and non-rechargeable batter-
ies can cause serious injury or damage, and is therefore prohibited.

NOTE! An inadequately dimensioned electrical installation can cause serious
damage. The mains lead and its fuse must be dimensioned to suit the local power
supply. The technical data shown on the rating plate applies.