Fronius Selectiva User Manual

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Proper use


Mains connection

Dangers from
mains current
and charging cur-

The device is to be used exclusively for its intended purpose. Any use above
and beyond this purpose is deemed improper. The manufacturer is not liable
for any damage, or unexpected or incorrect results arising out of such misuse.

Proper use includes:

carefully reading and obeying all operating instructions and safety and
danger notices


performing all stipulated inspection and maintenance work


following all instructions from the battery and vehicle manufacturers

Proper handling of the device is essential for it to function correctly. The device
must never be pulled around by the cable.

Operation or storage of the device outside the stipulated area will be deemed
as "not in accordance with the intended purpose". The manufacturer shall not
be liable for any damage resulting from such improper use.

For exact information on permitted environmental conditions, please refer to
the "Technical data" in the leaflet.

Devices with a higher rating may affect the energy quality of the mains due to
their current input.
This may affect a number of device types in terms of:

connection restrictions


criteria with regard to the maximum permissible mains impedance



criteria with regard to the minimum short-circuit power requirement



at the interface with the public grid

see "Technical data"
In this case, the plant operator or the person using the device should check
whether the device may be connected, where appropriate by discussing the
matter with the power supply company.

NOTE! Ensure that the mains connection is earthed properly

Anyone working with chargers exposes themselves to numerous dangers e.g.:

risk of electrocution from mains current and charging current


hazardous electromagnetic fields, which can risk the lives of those using
cardiac pacemakers

An electric shock can be fatal. Every electric shock is potentially life threaten-
ing. To avoid electric shocks while using the charger:

do not touch any live parts inside or on the outside of the charger.


under no circumstances touch the battery poles


do not short-circuit the charger lead or charging terminals

All cables and leads must be secured, undamaged, insulated and adequately
dimensioned. Loose connections, scorched, damaged or inadequately dimen-
sioned cables and leads must be immediately repaired by authorised person-