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General information


The main feature of the new Active Inverter
Technology is intelligent charging. This me-
ans that the charging behaviour adapts its-
elf automatically to the age and state of
charge of the battery. This innovation ex-
tends the battery life and reduces the
amount of maintenance required, while at
the same time improving cost-effective-

Active Inverter Technology is based on an
inverter with active rectification and an intel-
ligent safety cut-out. The charging current
and voltage are held constant by a digital
control that is not affected by any fluctua-
tions in the mains voltage.

Device concept

The compact design reduces space requirements and makes portable use considerably
easier. Add to this the fact that the active inverters can be used "on-board". In addition to
its many existing features, the charger has a modular design that makes it easy to upgrade;
it is therefore ideally equipped for future requirements. A wide range of options is available.

Warning notices
on the device

A number of safety symbols can be seen on the charger's rating plate. The safety symbols
must not be removed or painted over.

Do not use the functions until you have read all the operating instructions.

Possible sources of ignition, such as fire, sparks and naked flames, must be kept
away from the battery.
Risk of explosion! Oxyhydrogen is generated in the battery during charging.

Battery acid is corrosive and MUST be kept away from eyes, skin and clothes.

Ensure an adequate supply of fresh air during charging. Fit device at least 50
cm above the floor.
Do not dispose of used chargers with domestic waste. Dispose of them accord-
ing to safety rules.






Art. Nr.:

Active Inverter 2032E

~230V 50/60Hz;1030W

DC 30,5V/32A

A-4600 Wels



Always stop charging before you disconnect the charging cable!