Fronius Selectiva User Manual

Page 23

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Remove charging terminals from vehicle pole terminals


With buffering, vehicle functions (e.g. car radio, sliding roof, etc.) may be demonstrated
during the charging process. Please note the following:

The current used over a long period must be less than the charging current.


If the charging current is less than the current used over a long period, the battery will
become discharged.


The charging period is longer in buffering mode and may therefore trigger a safety cut-

Reactivating a

To bring a deep-discharge battery (< 2 V) back to life, select the characteristic provided for
this purpose as shown in the enclosed characteristic data sheet.

NOTE! Remove the mains plug to automatically restore the previously selected
characteristic. After plugging in the mains plug again, wait until the LEDs go out.


WARNING! When reactivating deep-discharge batteries, higher levels of oxyhy-
drogen gas are produced. Reactivation of the battery must therefore only take
place outside the vehicle. Ensure proper ventilation in the area where reactivation
is taking place.

NOTE! Disconnect battery from vehicle power supply/consumers before charg-
ing. Only reconnect the battery to the vehicle power supply when:

the battery has been charging for at least one hour


a state of charge of at least 50 % has been reached