Safety rules – Fronius Selectiva User Manual

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Safety rules

Explanation of
safety symbols

If you see any of the symbols depicted in the "Safety rules" chapter, special care is re-


DANGER! Indicates immediate and real danger. If it is not avoided, death or se-
rious injury will result.

WARNING! Indicates a potentially dangerous situation. Death or serious injury
may result if appropriate precautions are not taken.

CAUTION! Indicates a situation where damage or injury could occur. If it is not
avoided, minor injury and/or damage to property may result.

NOTE! Indicates a risk of flawed results and possible damage to the equipment.

IMPORTANT! Indicates tips for correct operation and other particularly useful information.
It does not indicate a potentially damaging or dangerous situation.

The device is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and according
to recognised safety standards. If used incorrectly or misused, however, it can

injury or death to the operator or a third party,


damage to the device and other material assets belonging to the operat-
ing company,


inefficient operation of the device.

All persons involved in commissioning, operating, maintaining and servicing
the device must:

be suitably qualified,


read and follow these operating instructions carefully.

The operating instructions must always be at hand wherever the device is be-
ing used. In addition to the operating instructions, attention must also be paid
to any generally applicable and local regulations regarding accident preven-
tion and environmental protection.
All safety and danger notices on the device

must be in a legible state,


must not be damaged,


must not be removed,


must not be covered, pasted or painted over.

For the location of the safety and danger notices on the device, refer to the
section headed "General information" in the operating instructions for the de-
Before switching on the device, rectify any faults that could compromise safe-
This is for your personal safety!