Fronius Selectiva User Manual

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Devices displaying this TÜV test mark satisfy the requirements of the relevant
standards in Japan.

Devices displaying this TÜV test mark and the mark on the rating plate satisfy
the requirements of the relevant standards in Australia.

Do not dispose of this device with normal domestic waste! To comply with the
European Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equip-
ment and its implementation as national law, electrical equipment that has
reached the end of its life must be collected separately and returned to an ap-
proved recycling facility. Any device that you no longer require must either be
returned to your dealer or given to one of the approved collection and recycling
facilities in your area. Ignoring this European Directive may have potentially
adverse affects on the environment and your health!

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shall not provide the basis for any claims whatsoever on the part of the pur-
chaser. If you have any suggestions for improvement, or can point out any
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