Intellinav 3 User Manual

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To set the speed alert:

a. Tap Auto. A warning appears.

b. Tap Confirm to close the warning.

c. Tap OK. You return to the map.

To set a fixed speed alert:

a. Tap Fixed.

b. Enter the speed you want to use as a

maximum speed.

c. Tap OK to set the speed.

d. Tap OK. You return to the map.

Fog Assist
One of the hazzards of driving in dense fog condition is
not being able to see an upcoming intersection.
Enabling this feature provides a warning tone when
approaching an intersection.

Fatigue Alert
This feature alerts you once per minute using a
customizable voice phrase. Alternatively, you can record
a custom prompt in a WAV file, and copy it as
ALERT.WAV to the root of your SD card.

School Zone Alert
Alerts you with a voice phrase when you approach a
school zone.

Emergency Option
Enabling this feature allows you to quickly determine
your location, cross-street(s), coordinates, and find the
closest police station or hospital, simply by tapping on
the car-cursor (


Head-light Reminder
15 minutes after sunset, you will be reminded to turn on
your head-lights. Sunset time is automatically
calculated, based on your GPS location.


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