LEDGlow Expandable Circuit User Manual

Expandable circuit installation instructions

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Effective 12/03/2013

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Expandable Circuit Installation Instructions

Warning: The improper installation of this Expandable Circuit will void all included warranties.

This Expandable Circuit is designed to easily connect to any 12 volt vehicle accessory that is located in your fuse panel,
eliminating the need to cut and splice into any of your vehicle’s existing wiring.


Prior to installing the Expandable Circuit, disconnect the negative terminal of the vehicle’s battery.


Strip the lead power wire’s plastic covering so about ¾” – 1” of bare power wire is showing. Note: The lead power
wire is usually red or black with a white stripe running the length of the wire.


Insert the lead power wire into the open end of the butt connector that is connected to the Expandable Circuit.


Using a crimping tool, crimp the lead power wire into the butt connector and ensure the connection is secure.


Locate your fuse panel and select a fuse that does not exceed 15 amps to power your kit. This may be a constant (un-
switched) 12 volt source depending on the fuse you select. We recommend choosing a non-vital fuse source to power
the kit. A few examples are the radio, cigarette lighter or rear defroster. Other fuse sources may also be used that are
not listed here.


Be sure the fuse source you select is consistent with the type of installation you want. If you would like your kit to be
powered when you turn your key on then you would need to select an ignition or switched power source. If you would
like your kit to be powered independently from the ignition switch then you will need to select a constant or un-
switched power source. Note: This type of installation may drain your battery if the kit is left on and unattended. Just
remember the kit will have power going to it at all times, even when the vehicle is turned off.


Remove the stock fuse from the fuse panel of the device you have chosen to bridge power from.


Insert the stock fuse into the open slot of the Expandable Circuit.


Replace the stock fuse you removed from your fuse panel by inserting the Expandable Circuit into the empty slot of the
fuse panel.

10. Connect the black ground wire from your kit to a good ground source or any bare metal location.

11. Once the Expandable Circuit is installed and the kit is grounded, reconnect the negative terminal of the battery.