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• Green indicates a full charge on the batteries.
• Yellow indicates caution and approximately a one-half charge of the batteries.
• Red indicates that the batteries have less than one-half of a charge remaining. See

section XI. “Care and Maintenance” for instruction concerning charging the batter-

NOTE: Your scooter will automatically turn itself off if the battery output falls to

or below 17.5 VDC.

Tiller Adjustment Lever
The Tiller on your Companion scooter employs a pneumatic piston to provide you with
infinite tiller angle settings for your driving comfort.
• Use one hand to grasp a handgrip.
• Use your other hand to push down and hold the tiller adjustment lever (see figure


• Position the tiller at a comfortable and safe operating angle.
• Release the tiller adjustment lever. It will automatically lock the tiller at the selected


Golden Technologies, Inc. has made provision for the individual needs and abilities
of the operators of the Golden Companion.

Your authorized Golden Technologies, Inc. dealer can reverse the thumb lever controls
so that when you push on the “left” lever, your scooter will move in the forward
direction, and pushing on the “right” lever will move your scooter in reverse.

The Companion line can be equipped with a 110 amp controller. Normally the control-
ler is rated at 70 amps.

Armrest Height Adjustment
The armrest height can be adjusted three-quarters of an inch or one and one-half
inches to comfortably fit the operator.
1. Use a 5 mm metric Allen wrench* to remove the two screws and washers that hold

the armrest in place. See figure 5.

2. Raise or lower the armrest to the desired height while aligning the holes in the arm-

rest and the armrest L-bracket.

3. Position a washer on each screw removed in step 1.
4. Use the Allen wrench to reinstall and tighten the two screws.

NOTE: All hardware is metric. The use of standard wrenches will strip hardware.

Allen screws may be painted and sealed. You may need to apply force to
remove these screws.

* Tools are not included.


Companion Owner's Manual: GC222, GC223, GC322, GC323, GC325, GC421

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