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The rapid development of electronics, especially in the area of communications, has
saturated our environment with electromagnetic (radio) waves that are emitted by tele-
vision transmitters, cellular phones, citizen’s band radios (CBs), amateur radios (ham
radios), wireless computer links, microwave transmitters, paging transmitters, etc. These
electromagnetic (EM) waves are invisible and increase in strength the closer one gets to
the source of transmission. When these energy waves act upon electrical devices and
cause them to malfunction or to function in an erratic or uncontrolled manner, they
are referred to as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) or Radio Frequency Interference

All electrically powered vehicles, including scooters are susceptible to Electromagnetic
Interference/Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI). This interference could result in
abnormal, unintended movement of your Golden Companion.

WARNING: Unintended movement or brake release could cause an accident or


The FDA has determined that each make and model of scooter can resist EMI/RFI to a
certain level. The higher the level of resistance, the greater the degree of protection from
EMI/RFI—measured in volts per meter (V/m). The FDA has also determined that cur-
rent technology is capable of providing 20 V/m of resistance to EMI/RFI, which would
provide useful protection against common sources of interference. The resistance level
of the Golden Companion to EMI/RFI is not known.

• Do not turn on or use hand-held personal electronic communication devices such

as cellular phones, walkie-talkies, and CB radios while your scooter is turned on.

• Be aware of any nearby transmitters (radio, television, microwave, etc.) on your in-

tended route and avoid operating your scooter close to any of those transmitters.

• Turn off the power if your Companion is going to be in a stationary position for any

length of time.

• Be aware that adding accessories or components or modifying your scooter may make

it more susceptible to EMI/RFI.

• If unintended movement or brake release occurs, turn your scooter off as soon as it

is safe to do so.

• Report all incidents of unintended movement or brake failure to Golden Technologies,

Inc. Technical Service at (800) 624-6374.

WARNING: Turn off your scooter as soon as it is safely possible if unintended or

uncontrollable motion occurs or if unintended brake release occurs.


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