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all things, especially motor operated vehicles, observing a few rules and safety consid-
erations will help ensure safe scooter operation. So please follow the rules below.

NOTE: Please remember that while on your Golden Companion, you are a motorized

pedestrian. You must observe and obey all pedestrian rules and regulations
for the locale in which you are riding.

• Read completely and understand this owner’s manual before assembling, operating,

transporting, or disassembling your Golden Companion.

• Always operate your Golden Companion with thought, care, and safety.
• Do not attempt to use your Companion on an escalator. Always use an elevator.
• Do not carry passengers under any circumstances.
• Do not mount or dismount your Golden Companion unless the brake is engaged.
• Always make sure that the key switch is set to “Off” before mounting or dismounting

your scooter.

• Do not back your Golden Companion down an incline or across an uneven surface.
• Do not turn your scooter suddenly at full speed.
• Always make sure the seat is locked forward before operating your Companion.
• Always come to a full stop before changing direction from forward to reverse or from

reverse to forward.

• Do not operate your Companion where you could not safely or legally walk.
• Do not climb ramps or curbs that exceed your scooter’s capacity.
• Always approach curbs and inclines straight on.
• Always turn on your scooter’s lights when operating near traffic, at night, and in any

poorly lit area.

• Always be aware of and careful near mechanical pinch points (for example, when

mating the rear carriage to the front frame—see the note on page 21) especially when
assembling and disassembling your scooter.

• Never sit on your Companion when it is being transported.
• Always fasten down your Companion securely with an approved tie-down system

while transporting your scooter.

• When your Companion is being transported, make certain that it is securely fastened

down with an approved tie-down system.

• Never operate your vehicle if it is not functioning properly.
• Always use caution when driving on soft or uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel.

Also use caution on decks where there is no railing.

• Never drive on the roadway, except when you must cross the street.
• Always cross streets at intersections and use crosswalks or the most direct route,

making sure that your path is clear and that you are visible to motor traffic.

• Never drive your Companion up or down a step or curb that is higher than three


• Never back up or down a step or curb.
• Never operate your Companion while you are under the influence of alcohol.

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