Diagnostics – Golden Technologies Companion II User Manual

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4 Flashes
• Indicates that the motor control board is overloaded and overheated.
• An overload can occur if you have been driving your Companion for an extended

period of time up an incline that is steeper than the recommended grade (see “Speci-
fications” on page 9).

• An overload can occur if your Companion is carrying a payload that is higher then

the recommended weight capacity. See “Specifications” on page 9 for your Companion
model weight capacity.

• An overload can also occur if your Companion’s tires are under inflated. Underinflated

tires cause the motor to draw large amounts of current. This high draw overheats
the motor control board.

• Your scooter will not operate until the motor control board cools back to its opera-

tional temperature range.

• Turn off your Companion’s key switch and allow the motor control board to cool

to its operational range.

• Check the tire pressure. See section XI. “Care and maintenance.”
• Have your authorized Golden Technologies, Inc. dealer perform a battery load


5 Flashes
• Indicates a brake problem.
• The brake handle may be in the disengaged position. See section VIII. “Assembly.”
• The brake or the brake wiring may be damaged.
• For safety reason, your scooter was designed to cease operation until the problem is


• Make certain that the brake handle is in the engaged position. See section VIII.


• Turn the key switch to the “Off” position to stop the flash code.
• Set brake to the up “engaged” position.
• Turn the key back to the “On” position.
• If the above remedies do not solve the problem, contact your authorized Golden

Technologies, Inc. dealer.


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