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Steering your Golden Companion is easy and logical.
1. With both hands on the handgrips of the tiller (see figure 3), turn the tiller to the

right to travel to the right.

2. With both hands on the handgrips of the tiller (see figure 3), turn the tiller to the left

to travel to the left.

3. Make certain to maintain sufficient clearance when turning your scooter so that the

rear wheels will clear any obstacle.

NOTE: Turning your scooter too sharply at too high a speed may create a situa-

tion where one of the rear wheels will leave the ground and the possibility
of tipping the scooter. Avoid this danger at all times by decelerating and
steering a wide arc around corners and obstacles.

Steering in a Tight Spot
If you must steer in a tight spot, such as entering a doorway or when turning around:
1. Bring your Companion to a full stop.
2. Set speed at a low level.
3. Turn the tiller to the direction in which you wish to drive.
4. Press gently on the appropriate thumb lever. This will make your Companion turn

very sharply.

For more information on dealing with obstacle and tight spots, see “Control Through
Tight Spots” on this page.

Steering in Reverse
Backing up your Companion requires attention to what you are doing.
1. Use your left thumb to press against the left thumb lever. See figure 4.
2. Turn the tiller to the left to drive in reverse to the left.
3. Turn the tiller to the right to drive in reverse to the right.

NOTE: Your Companion’s speed in reverse is fifty percent of the maximum speed

set at the speed control dial.


As you use your Golden Companion to greatly increase your mobility, you will un-
doubtedly encounter some obstacles that will require practice to negotiate smoothly
and safely. Below are some common obstacles that you may meet during the daily use
of your scooter. Listed with those obstacles are some driving tips that should help you
conquer those obstacles. Learn and follow those tips, and with surprising ease you will
soon be in control of your Companion as you maneuver it through doors, up and down
ramps, up and over curbs, through grass and gravel, and up and down inclines.


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