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• If you have not used, your Golden Companion for more than three days, make certain

that you charge the batteries on the night before you are going to use your scooter.
This will ensure that you start operating your scooter with a full charge on the bat-

• If you use your scooter during the day, charge the batteries as soon as you are fin-

ished using it. The charger is fully automatic. You cannot overcharge the batteries.
Following this procedure will prepare your Companion for a full day’s service each

• If you use your scooter sparingly over the course of the day, and have not reduced

the charge on the batteries by any great amount, it may not be necessary to charge
the batteries every night.

Battery Maintenance
GEL-cell or AGM deep-cycle batteries are used for operating Golden Companion scooters.
• These batteries are maintenance free.
• There is no danger of spillage or leakage, so these batteries are safely transportable

on aircraft, busses, trains, etc.

• By following the procedures set out in this manual, you can expect extended life from

your Golden Companion’s batteries.

If the battery terminals become corroded:
• Corrosion can cause a poor electrical connection and operational problems.
• Clean corroded battery terminals with a stiff brush and a solution of baking soda

and water.

Battery Cable Installation
1. Use a machine screw, a split washer, and a nut to attach the red cable ring terminal

to the positive (+) battery terminal.

2. Use a machine screw, a split washer, and a nut to attach the black cable ring termi-

nal to the negative (-) battery terminal.


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