Troubleshooting, Problems and solutions – GE UX-CL 220 User Manual

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11. Troubleshooting

Problems and Solutions

If you have any problems with your fax, first refer to the following
troubleshooting guide. If you cannot solve the problem, call Sharp's Customer
Assistance Center at 1-877-794-8675.

Line error



LINE ERROR appears in
the display.

Try the transaction again. If the error persists, check
the following:

• Check the connection. The cord from the TEL.

LINE jack to the wall jack should be no longer than
six feet.

• Make sure there are no modem devices sharing the

same telephone line.

• Check with the other party to make sure their fax

machine is functioning properly.

• Have your telephone line checked for line noise.

• Try connecting the fax machine to a different

telephone line.

• If the problem still occurs, your fax machine may

need service.