Attach the paper tray and paper tray extension – GE UX-CL 220 User Manual

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Setting Up


Note: If your area experiences a high incidence of lightning or power surges,
we recommend that you install surge protectors for the power and telephone
lines. Surge protectors can be purchased at most telephone specialty stores.

Attach the paper tray and paper tray extension

Attach the paper tray.

Note: The paper tray extension has a top side
and a bottom side. If the tabs do not go into
the holes, turn the support over.

About condensation
If the machine is moved from a cold to a warm place, it is possible that
condensation may form on the scanning glass, preventing proper scanning of
documents for transmission. To remove the condensation, turn on the power and
wait approximately two hours before using the machine.

and rotate up

Attach the paper tray extension.