GE UX-CL 220 User Manual

Page 39

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Setting Up and Using OpenLCR


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Caution! If you unplug the fax machine or an interruption occurs in your
power supply, the rate data will be erased. If this happens, the highlighted “C”
in the display will blink to alert you.The fax machine will automatically call
OpenLCR within the next 24 hours to receive new rate data; however, if you
want to use OpenLCR service before that time, you should download the rate
table manually as explained on page 36.

We recommend that you do not unplug the fax machine on a regular basis
(for example at night or on the weekends), as this may result in a large
number of calls to OpenLCR and a higher phone bill.

Symbols related to OpenLCR that may appear in the display are shown below.



OpenLCR has been activated and is ready for use.


OpenLCR cannot be used because the rate data has been erased.
Your fax will automatically call OpenLCR within the next 24 hours to
receive new data, or you can download the data manually if you need
to use OpenLCR immediately (see page 36).

The rate data in the fax is no longer correct and the fax cannot connect
to OpenLCR to obtain new data. See What to do if “E” appears in the
on page 39.

OpenLCR has been temporarily turned off. See Temporarily turning off

Rate data was not yet available when your fax called OpenLCR. Your
fax will automatically call OpenLCR again when the rate data is
available. Until that time, long distance calls will be routed through
your primary carrier.


Your fax will automatically call OpenLCR within the next 24 hours to
learn when correct rate data will be available.

Your fax did not receive the rate data because Open LCR was unable
to identify your Caller ID. This problem could be noise on the phone
line, or because your caller ID signal is blocked. Try retrieving the rate
data several more times. If "C" appears, you have retrieved the rate
data successfully. If you are still having problems, contact your phone
company and make sure they support Caller ID. You can remove the
"H" in your display by turning off the Open LCR function (press the
OpenLCR key followed by #, 1, 8, 4, and #). You can also register for
OpenLCR by phone to retrieve the rate data (see page 34).