GE UX-CL 220 User Manual

Page 21

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Setting Up


1. Ins




When the battery needs charging, LOW BATTERY will appear in the display
and you will hear beeps during a phone conversation. If you need to continue

the conversation, press

to transfer the call to the fax machine. Place the

cordless handset in the charger and let it charge.

Note: If the battery is extremely low, nothing may appear in the display during
the first several minutes that the cordless handset is in the charger. The
battery will begin to charge normally after several minutes.



Reinforced concrete


Aluminum sash

Talking range
The talking range of the cordless handset is approximately 1200 ft. (400 m)
(line of sight). If you hear noise or interference while talking on the cordless
handset, move closer to the fax machine.

When outside the talking range, OUT OF RANGE appears in the display. If
you move out of the talking range while talking on the cordless handset,
the handset will beep and you may hear interference.

Large metal objects,
metal structures, and
thick walls reduce the

talking range.

To ensure that the battery
charges properly, wipe the
charger contacts once a
month with a cotton swab.