Marantz BD8002 User Manual

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On-Screen Display

Information about the current operation can be displayed on a
screen, allowing you to confirm the currently active functions
(such as program playback) using the remote control.


The brightness of the front panel display can be adjusted.

Screen Saver

The screen saver program starts if there is no activity at the unit or its
remote for more than 5 minutes. The brightness of the display is
darken by 75%. The program is deactivated when there is any activity.

Picture Control

Picture control adjusts black level and noise reduction of the
specific display.


Chapter search: Search for a desired chapter.
Title search:

Search for a desired title.

Track search:

Search for a desired track/file.

Time search:

Search for a desired time point or a title or a



Repeated playback of a chapter of the disc.


Repeated playback of a title of the disc.


Repeated playback of a track/file of the disc.


Repeated playback of the entire disc.
(not available for BD, DVD-video)


Repeated playback of a part between two points.


Repeated playback of a folder of the MP3/JPEG/
Windows Media™ Audio/DivX


disc being played

back is possible.


x1.2, x1.5, x2.0, x4.0 magnified image can be displayed. (not
available for BD)


Electric reference points designated by user can be called back.

Resume Playback

User can resume playback from the point at which the playback
has been stopped even if the power is turned off.

Bit Rate Indication

The bit rate (the amount of video data currently being read) can
be displayed during the playback of video contents. (not
available for BD)

DRC (Dynamic Range Control)

Use this procedure to set the dynamic range of the output
signals when playing back DVD/BD recorded in Dolby Digital/
Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby TrueHD.

Displaying a JPEG picture

Kodak Picture CD can be played back. Still images stored in JPEG
format on DVD-RW/-R, CD-RW/-R or SD Memory Card can also be
played back.

Playing Back Windows Media™ Audio File

You can enjoy Windows Media™ Audio files which are recorded
on DVD-RW/-R, CD-RW/-R or SD Memory Card.

Playing Back an MP3 File

You can enjoy MP3 files which are recorded on DVD-RW/-R,
CD-RW/-R or SD Memory Card.

Playing Back DivX



You can enjoy DivX


files which are recorded on DVD-RW/-R or

• Official DivX


Certified product

• Plays all versions of DivX


video (including DivX


6) with

standard playback of DivX


media files.

Playing Back the Contents in SD Memory Card

• You can playback MP3, Windows Media™ Audio, or JPEG stored

in an SD Memory Card.

• You can store picture-in-picture commentary, subtitles or other

extras for BD-ROM Profile 1.1 files in an SD Memory Card and
playback with the BD-ROM.

BD-J Application

• With some BD that supports Java applications (BD-J), you can

enjoy interactive function (e.g., game).

Analog 7.1ch Surround Output

This player is equipped with analog 7.1-channel surround audio
out jacks for playback.

Use only discs marked with logos listed on page 4.

The main power supply is engaged when the main plug is
plugged in a 120V, 60Hz AC outlet. To operate the unit, press
<ON / OFF> to turn on the unit.

To avoid fire or electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or

For safety and optimum performance of this unit:
• Do not stand the unit up vertically. Install the unit in a horizontal

and stable position. Do not place anything directly on top of the
unit. Do not place the unit directly on top of the TV.

• Shield it from direct sunlight and keep it away from sources of

intense heat. Avoid dusty or humid places. Avoid places with
insufficient ventilation for proper heat dissipation. Do not block
the ventilation holes on the sides of the unit. Avoid locations
subject to strong vibration or strong magnetic fields.

• Be sure to remove a disc and unplug the AC cord from the outlet

before carrying the unit.

Noise or disturbance of the picture may be generated if this unit or
any other electronic equipment using microprocessors is used
near a tuner or TV.
If this happens, take the following steps:
• Install this unit as far as possible from the tuner or TV.
• Set the antenna wires from the tuner or TV away from this unit’s

AC cord and input/output connection cords.

• Noise or disturbance tends to occur particularly when using

indoor antennas or 300

Ω/ohms feeder wires. We recommend

using outdoor antennas and 75

Ω/ohms coaxial cables.


Power Supply



Installation Location

Non-use periods - Turn off the unit when it is not in use. Unplug
the unit from the household AC outlet if it is not to be used for a
long time. Unplug the unit during lightning storms.

Please read this operating instructions carefully before using the
unit, and keep it for future reference.

Cautions on Installation


• For heat dispersal, do not install this equipment in a

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