Oven racks, Rack positions – Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

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Oven Racks

The two oven racks are designed with a
lock-stop position to keep the racks from
accidentally coming completely out of the oven
when there is food placed on them.

To remove: Be sure the rack is cool. Pull the
rack straight out until it stops. Tilt the front end
of the rack up and continue pulling the rack out
of the oven.

To replace: Tilt the front end of the rack up and
place the rack between the rack supports. Slide
it back until it clears the lock-stop position.
Lower the front and slide the rack straight in.
Pull the rack out to the lock-stop position to be
sure it is positioned correctly and then return it
to its normal position.

Do not cover the oven bottom or an entire
oven rack with aluminum foil or place foil
directly under a utensil.
To catch spillovers,
cut a piece of foil a little larger than the pan and
place it on the rack below the utensil.

Rack Positions

It is important that air can circulate freely within
the oven and around the food. To help ensure
this, place food in the center of the oven rack.
Allow one to two inches between the edge of
the utensil(s) and the oven walls. If cooking on
two racks, stagger the food to ensure proper air

Do not attempt to change the rack positions
when the oven is hot. Us the following guide-
lines when selecting the proper rack position

Never place pans directly on the oven bottom.

Rack 1:

Used for roasting large cuts of meat


and large poultry, frozen pies,


souffles, angel food cake, or for
some two-rack baking.

Rack 2:

Used for most one-rack baking and
for roasting small cuts of meat, large
casseroles, baking loaves of bread,
cakes (in either tube, bundt, or layer
pans) or for some two-rack baking.

Rack 3:

Used for some two-rack baking.

Rack 4:

Used for some two-rack baking.


Place food in oven on center of rack. Allow 1 or
2 inches between edge of utensil and oven sides
or adjacent utensils. If cooking on two racks,
stagger foods on racks. Use rack positions 2 and
4 or 1 and 3 when cooking on two