Care and cleaning – Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

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Be sure all parts of the oven are cool before cleaning. After cleaning be sure all parts are replaced

Cleaning Chart

Parts & Cleaning Agents


Broiler Insert and Pan

Remove from the appliance after use. Allow to cool then

• Detergent and water.

pour off grease. Place soapy cloth over insert and pan;

• Plastic scouring pad.

let soak to loosen soil. Wash in warm soapy water. Use

• Soap-filled scouring pad.

soap-filled scouting pad to remove stubborn soil. Clean

• Dishwasher.

in dishwasher if desired.

Control Panel

Use a clean, soft cloth. Clean with mild liquid sprays or

• Detergent and water.

detergent water.

• Mild liquid sprays.*

Glass (Oven Door)

Wash with glass cleaner or with cloth wrung out in soapy

• Detergent and water.

water. Do not over saturate cloth to avoid staining of

• Glass cleaner.

oven door glass. So not use abrasive material such as
scouring pads, steel wool or powdered cleaning agents.
They will damage glass. Rinse with clear water and dry.
To prevent staining of glass, never use excessive
amounts of water which may seep under or behind glass.

Metal Finishes (Trim Parts)

Wash with detergent and water. Do not use abrasive or

• Detergent and water.

caustic agents. They will damage the finish.

Oven Racks

Clean with soapy water. Remove stubborn soil with

• Detergent and water.

cleansing powder or soap-filled scouring pad. Rinse

• Cleansing powder and plastic pads.

and dry.

• Soap-filled scouring pads.

Porcelain Enamel – Interior Oven and Door Clean with detergent and water when parts are cool. All
• Detergent and water.

spillovers, especially acid spillovers, should be wiped up

• Cleansing powder and plastic pads.

immediately with a dry cloth. When surface is cool,

• Commercial oven cleaner.

clean with warm soapy water. Commercial oven
cleaners can be used on porcelain oven but follow
manufacturer’s instructions. Never wipe off a warm or
hot enamel surface with damp cloth. This may cause
cracking and chipping. Never use abrasive or caustic
cleaning agents or exterior finish of oven. Porcelain
enamel may crack or chip with misuse.

Continuous Clean – Interior Oven

See page 19 for instructions.

(select models)

Plastic Finishes (Door Handle)

Never use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents on

• Detergent and water.

plastic finishes.

• Mild liquid sprays.*

*Mild liquid sprays such as Fantastik and Formula 409.