Maintenance – Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

Page 18

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Oven or Broiler Door

Do not place excessive weight on an open oven
door or stand on an open door as, in some cases,
it could damage the door, cause the appliance to
tip over and possibly cause injury.

When opening the oven door, allow steam and
hot air to escape before reaching into the oven
to check, add or remove food.

To remove: Open the door to the stop position
(opened about 6 inches) and grasp the door with
both hands at each side. Do not use door handle
to lift the door. Lift up evenly until the door
clears the hinge arms.

Caution: Hinge arms are spring mounted and
will slam shut against the oven if accidentally
hit. Never place your hand or fingers
between the hinges and the front oven frame.
You could be injured if the hinge snaps back.

To replace: Grasp the door at each side, align
the slots in the door with the hinge arms and
slide the door down onto the hinge arms until
the door is completely seated on the hinges.

Do not attempt to open or close the oven door
until the door is completely seated on the hinge
arms. Never turn on oven unless the door is
properly in place. When baking, be sure the
door is completely closed. Baking results will
be affected if the door is not securely closed.

Oven Bottom

Protect the oven bottom against excessive
spillovers, especially acid or sugary spillovers
as they may discolor the porcelain. Use the
correct size cooking utensil to avoid boilovers.
Never place cookware or aluminum foil directly
on the oven bottom.

To remove: When cool, remove the oven racks.
Push the oven bottom to the rear of the oven
and lift up at front until the front edge of the
oven bottom clears the oven front frame.
Remove the oven bottom from oven.

To replace: Fit the rear edge of oven bottom
into the pin located at the center of the channel
on the rear oven wall. Push toward the rear of
the oven and lower oven bottom into place.

Broiler Bottom

To remove: When cool, remove broiler pan and
oven rack. Lift up front edge of broiler bottom.
Then lift rear end up and remove broiler bottom
from oven.

To replace broiler bottom for models CWG
4100 and CWG 4600:
Place two slots along
rear flange oven two screws in rear wall. Then
lower front edge into place.

To replace broiler bottom for models CWG
3100 and CWG 3600:
Push bottom to rear and
lower into place.