Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

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Be sure utensil is large enough to properly contain
food and avoid boilovers.


Use extreme caution when moving the grease kettle
or disposing of hot grease. Hot grease is flammable.
Avoid letting grease deposits collect around the
appliance, range hood, or vent fan. Do not leave
container of grease around a cooking appliance.
Always let quantities of hot fat used for deep fat
frying cool before attempting to move or handle. In
the event of a grease fire, do not attempt to move pan.
Cover pan with a lid to extinguish flame and turn
burner off. Do not douse flame with water. Use a dry
chemical or foam-type extinguisher, if available, or
sprinkle heavily with baking soda.

Spills or boilovers which contain grease should be
cleaned up as soon as possible. If they are allowed to
accumulate, they could create a fire hazard.


Never block oven vent or air intakes. Do not obstruct
the flow of combustion and ventilation air. Restriction
of air flow to the burner prevents proper performance.

Avoid touching oven vent area while oven is on and
for several minutes after oven is turned off. Some
parts of the vent and surrounding area become hot
enough to cause burns.


Turn off all controls and wait for appliance parts to
cool before touching or cleaning them.

Touching a hot oven light bulb with a damp cloth
could cause the bulb to break. Should the bulb break,
disconnect power to the oven before trying to remove
the bulb to avoid electrical shock.

Clean oven with caution. If a wet sponge or cloth is
used to wipe spills on a hot cooking area, be careful
to avoid steam burns. Some cleaners can produce
noxious fumes if applied to a hot surface.

Storage Above Oven

To eliminate the hazard of reaching over hot surfaces,
cabinet storage should not be provided directly above
a unit. If such storage is provided, it should be limited

to items which are used infrequently and which are
safely stored in an area subjected to heat from an
appliance. Temperatures in storage areas above the
unit may be unsafe for some items, such as volatile
liquids, cleaners or aerosol spays.


Many plastics are vulnerable to heat. Keep plastics
away from parts of the appliance that may become
warm or hot.

Aerosol Sprays

May aerosol-type spray cans are EXPLOSIVE when
exposed to heat and may be highly flammable. Avoid
their use or storage near a hot appliance.

Important Safety Notice

and Warning

The California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic
Enforcement Act of 1986 (Proposition 65) requires
the governor of California to publish a list of
substances known to the State of California to cause
cancer or reproductive harm, and requires businesses
to warn customers of the potential exposures to such

Users of this appliance are hereby warned that the
burning of gas can result in low-level exposure to
some of the listed substances, including benzene,
formaldehyde and soot, due primarily to the
incomplete combustion of natural gas or liquid
petroleum (LP) fuels. Properly adjusted burners will
minimize incomplete combustion. Exposure to these
substances can also be minimized by properly
venting the burners to the outdoors.

Baking Accessories

This appliance has been tested for safe performance
using conventional cookware. Do not use any devices
or accessories that are not specifically recommended
in this manual. Do not use add-on oven convection
systems. The use of devices or accessories that are not
expressly recommended in this manual can
create serious safety hazards, result in
performance problems, and reduce the life
of the components of this appliance.