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Oven – Oven Racks General Baking



General Baking Tips

Use a reliable recipe and accurately measure

ingredients. Carefully follow directions
especially for oven temperature and cooking

Use the correct rack position. Baking results

may be affected if the wrong rack is used.

* Top browning may be darker if food is

located toward the top of the oven.

* Bottom browning may be darker if food is

located toward the bottom of the oven.

* When using two racks for baking, allow

enough space between the racks for proper
air circulation. Browning and cooking
results will be affected if air flow is

Utensil material and size play an important

part in baking results, especially the amount
of browning. Always use the type and size of
utensil called for in the recipe. Many pans
have the measurements marked on them. If
there are no measurements, measure the
inside width and length of the pan. Cooking
times or cooking results may be affected if
the wrong size utensil is used.

* Shiny metal pan reflects heat away from

the food, produces lighter browning and a
softer crust. Use shiny pans for baking
cookies or cakes.

* Dark metal pan or a pan with an

anodized (dull) bottom absorbs heat,
produces darker browning and a crisper
crust. Use this type of pan for pies, pie
crusts or bread.

* If using oven-proof glassware, or dark

pans such as Ekco’s Baker’s Secret
bakeware reduce the oven temperature by
25°F except when baking pies or bread in
glassware. Use the same baking time as
called for in the recipe. Use this type of pan
for pies and breads.

* For optimum baking results, bake cookies

and biscuits on a flat cookie sheet. If the
pan has sides, such as a jelly roll pan,
browning may not be even.

Allow hot air to flow freely through the

oven for optimum baking results. Improper
placement of pans in the oven will block air
flow and may result in uneven browning. For
optimum browning and even cooking results:

* Do not crowd a rack with pans. Never

place more than one cookie sheet, one
13x9x2-inch cake pan or two round cake
pans on one rack.

* Stagger pans when baking on two racks so

one pan is not directly over another pan.

* Allow one to two inches between the pan

and the oven walls.

Check the cooking progress at the

minimum time recommended in the recipe. If
necessary, continue checking at intervals
until the food is done. If the oven door is
opened too frequently, heat will escape the
oven; this can affect baking results and wastes

If you add additional ingredients or alter

the recipe, expect cooking times to increase or
decrease slightly.