Maintenance – Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

Page 19

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Oven Light

Oven light bulb is located on the back oven
wall. Before replacing the light bulb,
disconnect power to oven. Be sure bulb is
cool. Do not touch a hot bulb with a damp
cloth as the bulb may break. Use a dry pot
holder to prevent possible harm to hands. If
bulb should break, use pot holder to protect
hands and very carefully remove bulb. If bulb
breaks at base, have a service technician
remove bulb.

Replace with a 40 watt appliance bulb.
Restore power to oven. Reset clock.

Electrical Connection

Appliances which require electrical power are
equipped with a three-prong grounding plug
which must be plugged directly into a properly
grounded three-hole 120 volt electrical outlet.

Always disconnect
power to appliance

before servicing.

If an ungrounded, two-hole or other type
electrical outlet is encountered, it is the
personal responsibility of the appliance
owner to have the receptacle replaced with a
properly grounded three-hole electrical
The three-prong grounding plug is
provided for protection against shock hazards.
Do not cut or remove the third grounding
prong from the power cord plug.

How to Remove Wall Oven For
Servicing Or Cleaning

Follow these procedures to remove appliance
for cleaning or servicing:

1. Shut off gas supply to appliance.

2. Disconnect electrical supply to appliance.

3. Disconnect gas supply tubing to appliance.

4. Remove the screws that secure the wall oven

to the cabinet. Remove from the cabinet.

5. Reverse procedure to reinstall. If gas line
has been disconnected, check for gas leaks after
reconnection. See Installation Instructions for
gas leak test method.

NOTE: A qualified servicer should disconnect
and reconnect the gas supply.

WARNING: Possible risk may result from
abnormal usage, including excessive loading of
the oven door and of the risk of tip over, should
the appliance not be reinstalled according to the
installation instructions.