Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

Page 9

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Oven – Setting

The Oven Contr



Oven Characteristics

Every oven has its own characteristics. You may
find that the cooking times and temperatures
you were accustomed to with your previous
oven may need to be altered slightly with the
new oven. Please expect some differences with
the new appliance. Compare your recipes with
the baking chart on page 10 or refer to a reliable
cookbook for proper recommendations. It is
normal to notice some differences between this
appliance and your old one.

Pilotless Ignition

Your Maytag wall oven is equipped with
pilotless ignition. Heat from the Glow Bar
ignitor lights the oven burner. With this type of
ignition system, the oven will not operate

during a power failure or if the wall oven is

disconnected from the wall outlet. No attempt
should be made to operate the oven during a
power failure.

Oven Vent

The oven vent is located between the control
panel and oven door. Do not block this opening.
It is important that the flow of hot air from the
oven and fresh air to the burner be
unrestricted. Do not touch the vent opening or
nearby surfaces during oven operation as they
may become hot.

Oven Light

The oven light is turned on by pushing the
rocker switch marked OVEN LIGHT on the
control panel.

Setting The Oven Controls

To set your oven for baking or roasting:
1. When cool, position the racks in the oven

according to what you are baking.

2. Press the OVEN TEMP pad. “Bake” and 000°

will appear in the display.

3. Press either the ▲ or ▼ pad once and 350°

will appear in the display. Press the ▲ or ▼
pad until the desired oven temperature is

The word ON will light in the display, the
oven and cooling fan will turn on. The
temperature display will rise in 5° increments
while the oven is preheating. A beep will
sound to indicate that the oven has preheated.
Allow 10 to 15 minutes for preheating.

4. Place the food in the center of the oven,

allowing a minimum of one to two inches
between the utensil(s) and the oven walls.

5. Check the food for doneness at the minimum

time given in the recipe. Cook longer if


Always preheat the oven if called for in the
recipe or on the package directions. Preheating
is necessary for proper baking results. It is not
necessary to preheat for roasting.

Allow the oven to heat until the desired oven
temperature is reached (approximately 10 to 15
minutes). A beep will sound when the oven is

Selecting a temperature higher than the desired
temperature will not preheat the oven any faster.
Preheating at a higher temperature may have a
negative effect on baking results.