Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

Page 16

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Programmed Oven Operations

The Programmed Oven Operations feature can
be used to turn off the oven at a specific time or
delay the start and then turn off the oven.

This feature will not operate unless the clock is
functioning and is set to the correct time of day.

IMPORTANT: Highly perishable foods such as
dairy products, pork, poultry, seafood or stuffing
are not recommended for delayed cooking. If
cooking more than one food, select foods that
cook for the same length of time and at the
same oven temperature.

Additional Information

If you delay more than 30 seconds between
touching a pad and pressing the ▲ or ▼ pad the
display will either return to the previous setting
or the time of day will reappear an the program
will cancel.

To recall the preset stop time or cook time, just
press the corresponding pad.

To reset of cancel the program, press the

To Bake By Time

(with immediate start):

1. Place the food in the oven.

2. Press the COOK TIME pad. The words

“Set Cook Time” will flash in the display.

3. Enter the cooking time (how long you

wish the food to cook) by pressing the ▲
or ▼ pad. The time will appear in hours
and minutes. The maximum time that
can be set is 11 hours and 55 minutes.

4. Press the OVEN TEMP pad. The word

“Bake” and 000° will light in the display.
If this step is not done within 7 seconds
after entering the cook time, the control
will beep until another pad is pressed.

5. Enter the oven temperature with the ▲ or ▼


6. The oven will automatically turn on and the

words “Timed Bake On” will light in the
display. Press the COOK TIME pad to recall
the remaining cooking time.

7. At the end of the preset cooking time, the

oven will automatically turn off, and
continuous beeps will sound.
Remove the
food from the oven and press the CANCEL
pad to stop the beeps. The current time of
day will reappear in the display.

Example for Immediate Start:

Food is to cook for 1-1/2 hours at 350°F.

1. Press the COOK TIME pad.

2. Press the ▲ pad until 1:30 (1 hour,

30 minutes) appears in the display.

3. Press the OVEN TEMP pad.

4. Press the ▲ pad until 350° appears in the

display. The oven will turn on immediately.