Setting the clock and timer – Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

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To set the time-of-day clock:
1. Press the CLOCK pad once. The words “Set

Time” will flash in the display.

2. Set the correct time of day using the ▲ and

▼ pads.
• To change the time by one minute, press

either pad once.

• To change the time in increments of 10

minutes, press and hold either pad

When the power is first supplied to the oven or
if there has been a power failure, the display
will flash. Follow above instructions to set the
clock. The clock time cannot be changed when
the oven is set for a cook or timing operation.
Cancel the operation to set the clock.

Press the CLOCK pad to recall the time of day
when another function is displayed.


To set the timer:
1. Press the TIMER pad once. The words “Set

Timer” will flash in the display.

2. Set the desired time using the ▲ and

▼ pads.
• Press either pad once to change the time by

1 minute (if the Timer is set for up to
1 hour), 5 minutes (if the Timer is set for
over 1 hour), or 10 minutes (if the Timer is
set for over 2 hours).

Press and hold either pad to change the

time in 5 minute or 10 minute increments,
depending upon the time set in the display.

The TIMER can be set from 1 minute (0HR:01)
up to 9 hours and 50 minutes (9 HR:50).

The timing operation will start automatically.
Colons will flash in the display to indicate a
timing operation. One long continuous beep
will signal the end of the timing operation and
“End” will briefly appear in the display. The
time of day will automatically reappear in the
display. The TIMER pad does not control the

To cancel: Press and hold the TIMER pad for 3
seconds. The time of day will reappear after a
slight delay.