Explanation of function pads – Maytag CWG4600 User Manual

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tant Safety Instructions Electr

onic Clock and Oven Contr


The electronic clock and oven control on your
Maytag wall oven is used for the time-of-day
clock, timer, bake, broil, and programmed
operation functions. A beep will sound each
time a function pad is pressed.

The display on the control will flash when
power is first supplied to the wall oven or if
there is a power failure. Once the time-of-day
clock has been set (see Setting the Clock, page
6), the display will stop flashing.

The oven will automatically turn off if it is
left on for 121 hours.

NOTE: The electronic control is equipped
with a self-diagnostic feature for service use
ONLY. If a fault code (F plus a number, ex.
F1) appears in the display along with a
continuous beeping sound, press the
CANCEL pad. See page 20 if the fault code
reappears in the display.

Explanation of Function

The following pads are found on your Maytag
electronic clock and oven control:

Cancel Pad

Press this pad to cancel all operations except the
time-of-day clock and timer. If you are ever
unsure if you’ve programmed the control cor-
rectly, press the CANCEL pad and start over.

and Pads

Press or press and hold these pads to enter the
time or temperature desired. These pads are also
used to select Hi or Lo broil.

Timer Pad

The timer can be set from 1 minute to 9 hours,
50 minutes. It will count down by seconds
(when set for 1 minute) or minutes (when set
for 2 minutes or more time). See page 6 for
instructions on setting the timer.

Clock Pad

Use this pad to set the time-of-day clock. For
instructions, see page 6.

You may also press this pad to recall the
current time of day. For example, if the timer is
counting down in the display, press the CLOCK
pad to return the current time to the display. The
timer will continue to count down and a signal
will sound when the time expires.

Cook time / Oven Stop Pads

These pads are used to program the oven to
start and stop automatically, either immediately
or at a later time. For detailed information on
using Programmed Oven Operations, see pages
14 to 15.

Broil Pad

Use this pad to select broil. Two heat selections
are available for broiling - Hi and Lo. See page
13 for more broiling information.

Oven Temp Pad

This pad is used to select the oven temperature.
The oven temperature is set by pressing this pad
and the ▲ or ▼ pad. Additional baking and
roasting information can be found on pages 7
to 12