iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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Figure 10

STEP 6. Attach Dovetail Adapter

Both Vixen and Losmandy-D dovetail saddles are included for your convenience. Two (2) M6x20

hex head screws are used for the Vixen dovetail saddle. Additionally, four (4) M6x20 screws are provided
for the Losmandy-D saddle installation. A customer-made large adapter can also be installed. The
mounting-hole distribution on the mount is shown in Figure 11.

Figure 11

STEP 7. Connect Cables

Attach one end of an RJ11 cable into the socket on the side of the DEC unit and the other end into

the DEC socket located on the main control unit. Using another RJ11 cable, connect the hand controller
and the HBX socket located on the main control unit. Plug the 12V DC power supply into the Power socket
on the main control unit. The red LED will illuminate when the power switch is turned on.

STEP 8. Polar Alignment

CAUTION: It is recommended that whenever possible you perform this procedure before loading the