Sync to target, Electric focuser, Set up controller – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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5.1.6. Asteroids

This catalog contains 116 asteroids.

5.1.7. User Objects

It can store up to 60 used entered objects.

5.1.8. Enter R.A. DEC

Here you can go to a target by entering its R.A. and DEC numbers.

5.2. Sync to Target

This operation will match the telescope's current coordinates to Target Right Ascension and

Declination. After slewing to an object, press MENU—then scroll to “Sync to Target” and press ENTER.
Follow the screen to do the sync. Using this function will re-calibrate the computer to the selected object.
Multiple syncs can be performed if needed. This operation is most useful to find a faint star or nebula near a
bright star.

Sync to Target” will only work after “Select and Slew” is performed. You can change the slewing

speed to make the centering procedure easier. Simply press a number (1 through 9) to change the speed.
The default slew speed is 64X.

Sync to Target does the same thing as one star alignment except that you choose the object to

“sync” to. “One star align” chooses the star/object for you.

5.3. Electric Focuser

Reserved for future development.

5.4. Set Up Controller

5.4.1. Set Up Time & Site

Refer to 4.3.1.

5.4.2. Set Display and Beep

Press MENU button, from the main menu, scroll down and select “Set Up Controller”. Press

ENTER and select “Set Display and Beep”:

Use arrow keys to adjust LCD display contrast, LCD backlight intensity, keypads backlight Intensity

and turn the keep beep ON/OFF

Set Up Time and Site

Set Display and Beep

Set Anti-backlash

Meridian Treatment

Set Eyepiece Light

Heating Controller

Upgrade R.A. and DEC

Firmware Information