Balance ok – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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5.12. To Zero Position

This moves your telescope to its Zero Position (refer to Figure 17). When the power is turned on, the

mount assumes the Zero Position. This is its reference point for all other objects being tracked.

5.13. Balance Test

This function provides a visual indication and assistance balancing both the R.A. and DEC axes.

Before performing the balance test, make sure the correct latitude is set according to the instructions in
Section 2.5, Step 4. Turn the mount on and make sure the telescope is in the Zero Position.

Press the MENU button, scroll down to “Balance Test”, and press ENTER. The mount will start to

slew and stop at the balance position. You can select either “DEC Balance Test” or “RA. Balance Test.”

Select “RA Balance Test” and press ENTER to start the test. After few swings, a test results will be

displayed on the hand controller LCD screen (Figure 22 (a)):


< . Balance OK! >



Figure 22. (a) R.A. and (b) DEC Balance Test

Follow the arrow indicator to move the CW left or right. There are six balance test indicators in each


< Balance OK! >:

The R.A. is balanced;

< . Balance OK! > or < Balance OK! . >:

The R.A. is almost balanced; a minor adjustment

may be done;

< .. Balance OK! > or < Balance OK! .. >:

The mount balance is OK for observation; a small

adjustment may be done;

<= or =>:

Move counterweight left or right;

<== or ==>:

Move counterweight left or right more;

<=== or ===>:

The R.A. axis is off balance. Move counterweight according to the arrow left or right.

Press the ENTER key to test it again, until the < Balance OK!> indicator is displayed.

Press BACK button and select “DEC Balance Test”. Move the telescope back and forth to balance

the OTA around the DEC axis until < Balance OK! > is displayed.