Set tracking rate, Set user objects – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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5.6.3. System Self-Test

If system self-test function is turned on, the mount will swing back and forth about 2 seconds to

check the PEC encoder condition.

5.7. Set Tracking Rate

You can set up tracking in the main menu by selecting “Set Ttracking Rate”. Then the user can

select “Sidereal speed”, “Solar speed”, “Lunar speed”, “King speed” and “User defined speed”. For
“User defined speed,” it can be adjusted from 0.9900X to 1.0100X of sidereal speed by pressing the ▲or ▼
button or number buttons.

5.8. Set User Objects

Besides various star lists available in the hand controller --you can add, edit or delete your own user-

defined objects. You can also add your favorite observation object into the user object list for easy sky
surfing. Up to 60 user objects can be stored here.

To set user objects, press MENU button, from the main menu, scroll down and select “Set User


Press ENTER to bring up Set User Objects screen.

Select “Add a New Record” from Set User Objects screen. A screen will display asking to Enter



You may enter the R.A. and DEC coordinates of the star you want to watch, and press ENTER. A

confirmation screen will show. Press ENTER to confirm storing your object under assigned user object
number, or press BACK button to cancel it.

Add a New Record

Browse Records

Delete One Record

Delete All Records

Enter R.A. DEC

R.A.: 00h00m00s

DEC: +00d00m00s

Select and Slew

Sync. to Target

Electric Focuser

Set Up Controller


PEC Option

Set Tracking Rate

Set User Objects