iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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STEP 2. Set Latitude Adjustment Knob

Carefully remove the mount from the shipping box and familiarize yourself with the components

shown in Figure 2. Unlock the four (4) R.A. Clutch Screws and rotate the mount 180º around the R.A. axis
to move the dovetail saddle face topside to the highest vertical position as shown in Figure 5. Tighten the
R.A. Clutch Screws.

R.A. Clutch Screw (4)

R.A. Axis
Polar Axis

Dovetail Saddle

(a) Rotating the mount

(b) Upright position

Figure 5

The iEQ45


mount is equipped with two positions for the Latitude Adjustment Knob as shown in

Figure 6, an upper position and a lower position. If the latitude of your location is between 5º and 40º, set
the Latitude Adjustment Knob to the lower position (factory default position) as shown in Figure 6. Install
the Latitude Safety Block, as shown in Figure 7, using the included hex key to release and tighten the
attachment screw. If the latitude of your location is between 35º and 70º, remove the Latitude Safety Block
and set the Latitude Adjustment Knob to the upper position.

Upper Position

Lower Position

Latitude Adjustment Knob

Lat. Adjust. Lever

Figure 6

Lat. Safety Lock

Locking Screw

Figure 7

CAUTION: If your location latitude requires changing the Latitude Adjustment Knob position,
change the knob position before attaching the mount to the tripod.