Getting started, Setup the mount and polar alignment, Manual operation of the mount – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

Page 20: Setting up the hand controller

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4. Getting Started

In order to experience the full GOTO capability of GOTONOVA


technology it is very important to set

up the mount correctly before observation.

4.1. Setup the Mount and Polar Alignment

Assemble your iEQ45


mount according to Section 2.5, steps 1 ~ 7. Mount an OTA and

accessories, and carefully balance the mount around the polar axis, as indicated in 2.5, step 8. Connect all
cables. Turn the mount power switch on. After the GPS status change to GPS OK when the GPS receiver is
connected to satellites, the LCD will display the Pole Star Position chart. Follow Section 2.5, step 10 to do
the Polar Alignment. If this has already been done or the mount has not been moved from the previous
location, press the BACK button to go to the main menu.

The default position for the mount is the Zero Position, as shown in Figure 17, when the mount is

powered on: the counterweight shaft is pointing to ground, telescope is at the highest position with its axis
parallel to the polar axis and the telescope is pointing to the North Celestial Pole, if you are located in
northern hemisphere.

4.2. Manual Operation of the Mount

You may observe astronomical objects using the arrow keys of a Go2Nova


hand controller.

Flip the I/O switch on the telescope mount to turn on the mount. Use ►,◄,▼ or ▲ buttons to point

the telescope to the desired object. Use the number keys to change the slewing speed. Then press STOP/0
button to start tracking.

4.3. Setting Up the Hand Controller

The iEQ45


mount is equipped with a GPS receiver, which will receive the local time, longitude and

latitude information from satellites after the link is established. A clear sky outside is needed for the GPS to
establish its link with the satellites.

4.3.1. Set Up Time and Site

Press MENU button, from the main menu, scroll down and select “Set Up Controller

Press ENTER and select “Set Up Time and Site”

Press ENTER. A time and site information screen will be displayed:

Select and Slew

Sync. to Target

Electric Focuser

Set Up Controller


PEC Option

Set Tracking Rate

Set User Objects

Set Up Time and Site

Set Display and Beep

Set Anti-backlash

Meridian Treatment

Set Eyepiece Light

Heating Controller

Upgrade R.A. and DEC

Firmware Information