The lcd screen – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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• Serial port: connect the HC to a Computer via a RS232 to 4-wire RJ9 cable. The pin out of the

serial port is shown in Figure 19.

Figure 19. Serial port pin out on an 8407 hand controller

3.2. The LCD Screen

The 8407 HC has a large 8-line, 21-character per line LCD screen, which displays all the information

as shown in Figure 20. The user interface is simple and easy to learn.






Figure 20. 8407 HC LCD Information Screen

1. Target Name/Mount Position: displays the name of the target that telescope is currently pointed to or

the current mount position.

• Zero Position: The position when the mount is turned on. Or the mount is moved to Zero Position

using “To Zero Position” command;

• User Position: The mount is point to a user defined position, which could be a real sky object or

just simply due to press an arrow key.

• An object name, such as “Mercury” or “Andromeda Galaxy”: Name of the Star or celestial object

that the mount is currently slewing to, GOTO or tracking;

• Park Position: One of two position that you park the scope using “Park Scope” command.

2. Target R.A.: Right Ascension of the target object.

3. Target Declination: Declination of the target object.

4. Right Ascension: Right Ascension of the telescope, or R.A.

5. Declination: Declination of the telescope, or DEC.

6. Altitude: Altitude of the telescope (degrees vertical from the local horizon - zenith is 90º).

7. Azimuth: Azimuth of the telescope (north is 0º, east 90º, south 180º, and west 270º).

Target Name

Right Ascension


Local Date and Time

GPS Status

Tracking Speed

N/S Hemisphere

Slew Speed

Mount Status

Target Right Ascension

Target Declination



PEC Status