Go2nova, 8407 hand controller, Key description – iOptron SMARTSTAR IEQ45TM User Manual

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3. Go2Nova


8407 Hand Controller

Figure 18. Go2Nova


8407 hand controller

The Go2Nova


8407 hand controller (HC) shown in Figure 18 is one of the controllers that used for

the iEQ45


mount. It has an integrated temperature controller that ensures it can be operated below 20ºC

(-4ºF). It has a large LCD screen, function keys, direction keys and number keys on the front; a red LED
reading light on the back; and a HBX port (6-pin) and a serial port (4-pin) at the bottom.

3.1. Key Description

• MENU Key: Press “MENU” to enter the Main Menu.

• BACK Key: Move back to the previous screen, or end/cancel current operation, such as slewing.

• ENTER Key: Confirm an input, go to the next menu, select a choice, or slew the telescope to a

selected object.

• Arrow

(▲▼◄►) Keys: The arrow keys are used to control the movement of DEC and R.A. axes.

Press and hold ▲(DEC+),▼(DEC-) buttons to move a telescope along the DEC direction,
◄(R.A.+), ►(R.A.-) to move a telescope along the RA direction. They are also used to browse the
menu or move the cursor while in the menu. Hold an arrow key for a fast scrolling.

• Number Keys: Input numerical values. Also used to adjust manually slewing speeds (1: 1X; 2: 2X;

3: 8X; 4: 16X; 5: 64X; 6: 128X; 7: 256X; 8: 512X; 9: MAX)

• Light

Key(☼): Turns on/off the red LED reading light on the back of the controller.

• ?


Identify and display bright stars or objects where the telescope points to


• STOP/0 Key: Stop the mount during GOTO. Also toggling between start and stop tracking.

• HBX (Handbox) port: connect the HC to the iEQ45


mount using a 6-wire RJ11 cable.